The life of a parent is filled with concerns about their child’s well-being. From the moment baby arrives the list of worries is ever-growing, and in many instances, bath time is at the very top. Nurses and midwives wax lyrical about the dangers of water getting into your tiny newborn’s ears, and as a result, bath time is often a dreaded experience for parents.

Jessica McArthur, brand manager for SwimSeal says that babies and children are prone to various complications if water enters the ear, and is unable to drain. At the very least, the child will be in discomfort and might start to dislike bath time, making a parent’s job very difficult.

Ear infections and an affliction known as swimmers ear are caused by water trapped in the ear,” says McArthur. Swimmers ear is an external inflammation of the outer ear canal caused by trapped fluid. “Many people associate swimmers ear with extended periods spent in the pool, but it can just as easily be contracted during bath time.”

SwimSeal, a brand of protective ear drops, are an ideal bathtime solution as the drops create a barrier in the ear, preventing any fluid passing through and then leaving  the ear naturally after a period of time.  (SwimSeal doesn’t affect hearing or balance in any way.)

“The SwimSeal product was developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists and is a proven formula for the prevention of ear infections as a result of water exposure. SwimSeal contains no alcohol and can be used on babies, children and adults of all ages. Protecting your young children from any pain relating to bath time is important for a healthy routine as they grow older,” says McArthur.

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