Prevents & Protects

SwimSeal is a unique solution that acts like a waterproof coating in the ear canal, removing water as it enters the ear. They are the drops that stop painful ears caused by exposure to water. This Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) approved product is suitable for all ages and is easy to use. Simply apply 2-3 drops in each ear before exposure to water, safely preventing trapped water and protecting the ear from common water-related infections.

SwimSeal is a unique solution that acts like a waterproof coating in the ear canal

  • Natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (topical treatment only)
  • Prevents trapped water and other water related ear infections.
  • Will not build up and cause congestion in the ear
  • Does not impair hearing or balance
  • Will not sting or dry out the ear
  • Suitable for all ages

Perfect Prevention

  • For recreational swimmers
  • For competitive athletes
  • For concerned parents
  • For bath-time fun
  • For water therapy

Lasts Longer

With each 7.5 ml bottle of SwimSeal containing over 100 applications it’s the must-have preventive solution to add to any swim bag – home and abroad. Don’t go in the water without it!

SwimSeal creates a barrier against water in the external ear canal and takes on the natural properties of ear wax significantly reducing the chance of acute otitis externa (Swimmer’s ear).  It leaves the ear naturally and should be re-applied every couple of hours of water exposure.

There is no build up in the ear and it will not affect hearing or balance.